Sterling Silver Flatware & Hollowware Value

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How and where to sell sterling silver Flatware & Hollowware

This page will help you understand the industry and maximize your profit from your collection.

When most people finally decide to sell their flatware set, silver collection or inherited items, they can get misguided or very confused by trying to obtain their own initial self-educated evaluation.

While it is possible for you to try and sell the items yourself, many people waste time and money and ultimately end up frustrated without a buyer or sell at a much lower price than initially determined.

The most profitable and efficient way for you to sell your sterling silver is to call a silver specialist who deals only in flatware and hollowware. Specialist have years of industry experience, a complete understanding of market trends, realized price structure, demand and availability of product.

Take these things into consideration:

  • How much time, effort, and risk do you want to invest into selling your unwanted pieces?
  • How quickly are you looking to sell your item(s)?
  • How much experience and knowledge do you have about our industry?
  • How would you feel if you sell an item based on your research for $1,000, but it is worth much more?

Buying Your Collection Antiques purchases your sterling silver collection, making sure that you are paid the maximum amount possible.

  Be Cautious:

  95% of the industry wants to purchase your silver
  for 40% ~ 50% less than the melt value is, so they
  can profit from melting it.

Specialist Example

Take a look at the 6 sample product pictures shown below.

  • Can you tell which item is most expensive?
  • How much do you think the combined value is of all 6 items?
  • Imagine owning these items yourself, and then trying to find the true value.

(Please roll over each image to reveal the item description and dollar value.)

How much did you guess these are worth?

Did you get the prices right? Did you guess $65,000.00? That is why you call us! If you put all of those items on a scale it is $6,500 in melt value.
Your local scrap shop, pawn shop, melt shop, general antique shop is not going to have a clue what your silver is really worth. If you want real
value, then call a real silver dealer. Call Mike Coone, the Rare Sterling Silver Specialist, today at 310.435.1056!

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