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Reed and Barton

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Reed & Barton “Francis”

Tea Set Tray

Sterling Silver Item #572A

Francis Ist Sterling Silver

The Reed & Barton “Francis I” Pattern Design:

Francis I of Angouleme, reigned as the king of France from 1515, when his uncle Louis XII died, until his own death in 1547. His was a reign of splendor, as he commissioned countless Italian Renaissance artist to create splendid works of art for the French monarchy.

Inspired by these dazzling works, some three and a half centuries later, a renouned silver designer named Ernest Meyer created a remarkable sterling silver design in the finest renaissance tradition. Reed and Barton “Francis I” flatware was introduced in 1906, and is actually 15 designs in one; each handle bears one of 15 different fruit clusters. No silver flatware pattern has ever had such a variety. 77 different place and serving pieces were made. Matching Hollowware pieces were made and special order pieces from the RS catologue.

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