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Where to Sell Sterling Silver

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Want To Sell Your Silver Flatware?

Sterling silver flatware sets have which were mainly purchased as wedding gifts from 1950 to about 1990 have become a thing of the past. certainly, millennials have no interest in collecting and even less desire to polish it. Your more likely to see a Deer in your backyard before you see a Facebook or Instagram post from a millennial with Reed and Barton sterling silver flatware set. Therefore, that leaves us with one question, where will the sterling silver flatware industry be in another 20 years? It seems like, your china and crystal have already seen its demand vanish consequently, destroying the used market value. Furthermore, antique furniture has already seen a substantial decrease in demand and value. Finally, Where to sell your sterling silver flatware, that’s the question. Overall, the best place is an antique silver dealer, someone who specializes in sterling silver flatware, patterns, availability, demand and value.

Silver Flatware Manufactures 

First of all, most of the original sterling silver manufactures have already filed for bankruptcy or have consolidated. Lifetime Brands (Wiki)  currently owns Wallace, S. Kirk and Son, Stieff, Tuttle, and Towle. Sterling silver flatware dealers do not have the demand or need to order directly from the manufacture and have not in over 15 years. The second hand supply is sufficient in todays market. So, do not compare your silver to the new product cost. For one, dealers get it wholesale anyway. One of the most common sterling silver flatware manufactures, Reed and Barton (Wiki), was the latest to file for Bankruptcy Chapter 11 in April 2015 citing ongoing pension liabilities and decreasing revenue. Operating assets of the company were acquired by The Lenox Company (Wiki), who also own Gorham.

Rare Sterling Silver

Rare Flatware and Hollowware continue to hold value today. As a result, RareSterling.com pays up for these items. Understanding the rarity and demand is what we specialize in. We have the original Reed and Barton special order catologues and collectors who as a result, allow us to offer more for your silver. Above all, we have purchased some of the rarest items ever made by Reed and Barton hence, there is no better place to call to sell your sterling silver. Some of these items were special order items from the 1950’s and have have never been seen before. You can view some of these photos below or visit our RareSterling.com Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Image Gallery. We have the collectors and clients so, If you would like to sell your Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Flatware or Hollowware then please Contact us at RareSterling.com anywhere in the USA.

The Historic Reed and Barton’s Taunton Massachusets Complex

How To Sell Your Silver

There are 3 way to sell your silver.

1. Antique Silver Dealer

 Upside – Get paid instantly. Also, knowing that a experienced silver specialist has evaluated your items beforehand, understands the realistic used value of your items beyond just the metal value. Therefore, we are able to offer you more. Not to mention, we purchase everything no matter how small or large the collection. We are especially, looking to purchase Tiffany, Georg Jensen, Buccellati, Reed and Barton, Gorham Kirk along with every major sterling silver flatware pattern or piece. We already have the clients, do you have silver that you would like to sell? Contact us.

Downside – You might get paid a little less than trying to retail item yourself. The final result, probably, close to the same amount after considering the time spent and seller fees paid.

2. Selling It Yourself

Upside – Maybe squeeze a few more dollars out of your item.

Downside – Dealing with buyers can be challenging. For the most part, you need to make your items look perfect due to, the competition and online item avaiability. Also, do not be shocked if your item gets lost in the mail, returns to you damaged or your buyer claims that the item you shipped arrived missing a few pieces. As a result, people trying to sell silver online will end up paying between 13% and 20% in fees. In essence, sellers need to purchase packing supplies, pay for shipping and insurance and take the time needed to complete the transaction.

3. Scrap / Pawn / Melter

Upside – Cash Now!

Downside – These type of silver buyers only pay you approximately 50% to 70% of the melt value.

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